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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  February 17, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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crews searching for a missing man after his canoe overturned now found a body in the water off the south san francisco shore line. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. the accident happened yesterday and since then, crews have been looking for the three people involved. this new discovery could mean only one person has survived. sal castanedo is live in south san francisco on the shore with the latest on the investigation. good afternoon, sal. >> reporter: tori, good afternoon. i want to show you the coyote point area of san mateo county. a few hours ago, the coast
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guard found a body matching the description of a missing man. coast guard officials say it still has to confirm if is lewis of deal city city. three people left the oyster point area to go fishing yesterday in a canoe. sometime during the afternoon, the fishing trip -- the canoe got hit by a wave and the canoe flipped over. the trio was unable to right the boat. a search was launched overnight for the missing boaters. a man, his son and the son's girlfriend. around 2:00 this morning, rescuers pulled two people out of the water, a man in his late to -- 40s to early 50s and a 2- year-old woman -- 22-year-old woman. the man died later.
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>> at approximately 9:20 a.m., the coast guard helicopter located 22-year-old male who matched the description of the missing person. he was recovered by the helicopter hoisting him up and they brought him to air station san francisco, where he is being identified at this time. we do not have his name or description but he does match the description of the person missing. >> reporter: the missing man is 22-year-old lewis rubalaka of daly city. we're told the man who died was his father. a relative says she spoke to larissa in the hospital and she was able to tell her a little bit of what happened. >> it was filled with water and they tried to flip it over and
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water was coming inside and they couldn't go back in the boat. that's all she remembers. >> reporter: again, you are looking live at a picture of coyote point, that's the area where all three of the voters were found. the coast guard along with south san francisco fire department marine unit were out there searching for most of the night and at about 9:20, they did find the third body. now the coast guard did say that -- it does match the description. man missing but they haven't made a formal i.d. yet. but it does indeed seem as if this could be the missing man. live in south san francisco, sal castanedo, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, sal. chp today released of a helicopter rescues of a jogger in napa. it happened yesterday around 3:30 in the afternoon along a trail in skyline park. the chp says the jogger had seriously hurt her left ankle and do not walk. because of the steep terrain,
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rescuers called in the helicopter to assist. the woman was take on a nearby hospital for treatment. the search continues for two men in connection with an armed robbery at a pizzeria that ended with an employee being shot. it happened before 8:30 last night at a little caesar's. police say the robber stormed the business and demanded money from the woman working the register. for some reason, one of the robbers opened fire hitting the woman in the arm. the men grabbed cash and took off running. the victim was awake and talking when she was taken away by paramedics. the two robbers were wearing hooded sweatshirts that covered their faces but police are going over surveillance video in hopes of identifies them. classes are in session at an oakland middle school where the cafeteria caught fire yesterday. the fire caused a million dollars in damage at claremont high school. the cafeteria is separate from the rest of the school so the classrooms were not damaged. investigators still don't know if the fire was deliberately
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set. students and parents say they are concerned. >> it worries me a lot because, you know, you don't know if they were trying to set the whole school on fire. >> kind of scary, i guess, just knowing that someone was trying to burn down something at the school. >> investigators will be looking at surveillance video to see if cameras captured what happened before the fire started. the cafeteria will be out of commission for the rest of the school year so, so good will be delivered from another location. the u.s. secretary of labor is in town to try to resolve the nine-month long west coast port labor dispute. the president called on thomas perez to intervene and he is set to meet with both sides in less than an hour. the port of oakland and 28 other west coast ports reopened after beclosed for four of the last five days. but they are in virtual gridlock. there are too many containser and not enough trailers to haul them and a work slow june
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that's only making matters worst. in is creating a global expense of a billion dollars a day. logistics that channels 10% of the containers said it's about time the president got the labor secretary involved. >> i don't think he has authority to make them go back to work but it's certainly a step in the right direction for the administration to finally get involved and make sure understand how serious this situation is. >> if a settlement did -- cannot be reached and a lockout ensues, the president could be empowered to invoke the harley act. it will be another rough day for millions of americans as a magettor winter storm works its away as cot the country. parts of the northeast are expecting steafl -- several more inches of snow. power outages from the icy conditions are impacting
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thousands of homes way down in the southeast. >> reporter: millions of americans are feeling the wrath of old man winter, a major snowstorm is moving across the west. parts of kentucky getting hammer with as much as a foot of snow on monday. the governor declaring a state of emergency and encouraging everyone to stay off the roads. >> it's really treacherous. if i didn't have four-wheel drive, i wouldn't be on it. >> reporter: snow sleet and freezing rain also making travel very treacherous with ice leading to thousands of power outages. >> stay away from dunned power lines. it's possible -- downed power lines. it's possible to stay at homes. there will be a lot of people trying to get the power on. >> reporter: the nation's capitol could get as much as eight inches of snow. but some people there say they don't mind. >> we love the weather.
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we've been ice skating already outside. it's my wife's birthday. so that's why we're out and about. glad we came out. >> reporter: the northeast expecting snow on tuesday which is bad news for boston. the transit system paying residents up to 30 bucks to help clear snow from the train tracks. >> i need the extra money. times are hard. i work part time but a little extra money is always helpful. >> reporter: another concern is bitterly cold conditions, below- average temps are expected to hang around for at least another week. kelly wright, fox news. >> the white house is promising to appeal after a federal judge in texas has temporarily blocked president obama's executive actions on immigration. the judge's ruling gives 26 states time to file a lawsuit in an attempt to permanently stop the orders.
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the president's orders would allowed almost 5 million people who are in the u.s. illegally to be protected from deportation. they are undocumented immigrants whose children are u.s. citizens. applications for the program were set to begin tomorrow. but the texas judge claims president obama exceeded his legal authority with that order. the white house press secretary released a statement in response saying the department of justice legal scholars, immigration experts around the district court in washington, d.c. have all determined the president's actions are well within his legal authority. ashton carter was sworn in today and is now official on the job at the pentagon at the u.s. -- as the u.s. secretary of defense. joe biden administered the oath. he replaces chuck hagel. he says one of his goals is to lead the country's future in
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the best possible place. >> i have a commit tonight to the future for building a force for the future. that involves not only securing the resources we need but making sure we make the best use of the tax payers' dollar. >> he's the -- carter is the 25th secretary of defense in u.s. history and the fourth in the last six years. carter's three predecessors under president obama are chuck hagel who held the post for the last two years. leon panetta who was secretary of defense from 2011 until 2013. he replaced robert gates who was a holdover from the previous bush administration. a train derailment ignites a fireball of crude oil. why this is raising so many concern here in the bay area. a foggy start to the day. steve paulson is tracking the lingering fog and the forecast.
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and giving back hon a global scale. the bay area school that's helping feed families half a world away and the unique reward they will receive for their commitment to change.
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a state of emergency orders
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an effect in west virginia where a train derailment, not far from charleston, ignited a massive fire of crude oil and is polluting local waterways. the train tee railment happened -- derailment happened yesterday afternoon. kellry wright explains why 24 hours later residents are still evacuated. >> reporter: the governor of west virginia declaring a state of emergency after a train hauling more than 100 cars of crude oil derailed during a snowstorm. the incident happening monday afternoon near charleston filling the sky with thick clouds of smoke and fire. the massive derailment sending at least one railcar into a nearby river, igniting at least 14 others and even sparking a house fire. there are no reports of any serious injuries but homes in the area have been evacuated. oil from the train spilled into the river which is a source of drinking water two counties.
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residents are being sold to conserve water. >> this loud explosion, we got stopped right there on route 6. we were sled riding. >> reporter: monday's accident comes amid growing concerns regarding the safety or trains carrying crude crude oil. the obama administration isworking on work a proposal, this after a proposal in canada that killed 27 people. >> the only way to prevent it is to deny permits and declare a moratorium. >> reporter: the red cross has set up a shelter for residents forced to leave their homes. kelly wright fox news. va remember -- valero wants
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to run two trains daily to the benicia refinery. they say the project is necessary to stay competitive on the west coast and that safe operation is a top priority. one neighbor we spoke with said she feels the refinery is safe and good for the local economy. >> i think they have a really good safety record out there. and i know some people that have worked out there for years. i think it's just a matert of abide -- matter of abiding by the regulations. >> the state energy commission said shipments are growing in california to about 6 million barrels of oil in 2013 from 1 million just two years earlier. you will not find cigarettes for sale at a major grocery store chain by the end of the month. raley's and nob hill are removing tobacco products. the west sacramento-based chain says cigarettes will be completely off the shelves at
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all 128 raley's, nob hill and bel air stores in northern california and nevada. many who we spoke to in the parking lot of the nob hill scoor in campbell thought the move was positive. >> i think it's a good idea to pull it off the shelf and not make it readily available or visible to our young children. >> if you are gonna promote a healthy lifestyle, it makes sense not to smoke cigarettes. i don't see as many people buying them in the grocery store. >> reporter: the chain has stopped ordering tobacco products. last october, cvs stopped selling cigarettes. other big retailers say right now they have no plans to halt tobacco sales. steve joins us now. >> what a difference a day makes. yesterday at this time there was a little bit of fog on the coast. today it's a whole different
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story. it's a big fog bank. everybody at noon, at least all of the reports stations still say cloudy with temperatures in the 50s. that includes even out to fairfield. so again, you can see there's your fog bank. this is something we see in june or july. not something in midfebruary. it extends well into the pacific. gave us local drizzle from the north to the south. so much, much cooler. no record highs today. that's for sure. coast and bay drizzle. probably back tonight and tomorrow. unfortunately, the dry pattern at least continues for a while. there's signs of rain in early march. we'll see. san francisco, oakland. oakland yesterday was 75. today we'll go 62. just because there's too much fog. there is a west wind. look at this fog bank all the way up past eureka and all the way down to los angeles and san francisco. i mean from hardly anything. remember on the weekend, it was sunny, warm, 70s on the coast. that's completely ben eblit rated. it's hard to believe. not much of a front or anything
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came in. we got more of an onshore breeze. water temperatures are about 57, to a 9. has not stopped this fog from forming. there were lows in the 50s. so far the current temperatures at noon are 50s. the delta breeze is back. novato and santa rosa more of a westerly breeze. the big news continues to be the plunge and i mean plunge of arctic air poised to move in wednesday into thursday all the way down to the deep south. it's only 37 in atlanta. new york is 26. 17 in chicago. there will be temperatures in the low 50s all the way down to tampa. the cold air begins to move in. tomorrow and thursday look to be the coldest temperatures. a lot going on, nothing yet breaking through. keep an eye on a. a low forming off baja could play into our weather. we are anticipating a system dropping off into utah.
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it might give the lee side of the sierra some snow. low clouds. it's cool, colder and breezy. a westerly breeze in place. 50s for some. 60s for others. if you have the sun, be thankful. it's socked in. upper 50s for the coast. low 60s here. some areas will not break through the upper 50s. that includes areas on the san mateo santa cruz and i would expect marin county and sonoma county. upper 50s for some. it looks like that fog will not burn off. it will be back tomorrow, probably max out. a little warmer friday and then it looks like the breeze picks up. a cooler pattern for the weekend. >> thank you, steve. in some parts. world, a single vote can make the difference between feeding a child. it's all part of this year's
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"we day" program to teach students how to give back. ñsxóxgñ
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stocks slightly higher in afternoon trading on wall street as investors continue to watch greece's debt talks. energy companies are lagging, though, as the price of crude oil falls again. taking a live look at the big board, the nasdaq is up 14, the s&p which started as a report high is up 1.50.
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apple is reportedly gearing up for solid sales of its apple watch. the wall street journal reports the company has asked suppliers to make 5 to 6 million watches. the new device should come out in april. apple first unveiled the high- tech watch in september. it can read the users's pulse and track fitness. krispy kreme is apologizing for advertising an event it called kkk wednesday. the doughnutmaker posted this promotion on facebook for a promation. the letter stood for krispy kreme club but those initials are emfa says for the ku klux klan. the company says all material has been withdrawn and an internal investigation is currently underway. ktvu is the proud sponsor of "we day." it is an educational event that inspires young people to become
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involved in global chain. >> the program culminates in oakland. you cannot buy tickets. each student must earn their way in by making a positive change. we'll be sharing of children doing just that. >> whoever raises $50, the goat will goat will go near the fences. >> reporter: they are trying to raise money for needy families so they can buy goats. >> it really came from the students it will be changing in the world. >> reporter: the students divided into 15 groups, one person from each age group starting at kindergarten through 8th grade. each group decorates its
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cardboard votes and has a jar to collect as much change as donors will give. it looks perfect. how much money does it cost? >> how long will it take to you fill that jar? i don't. >> i don't know. >> to emphasize the importance of raising the money, a special guest star was asked to attend. >> what is the goat's name? >> sky. she's 10 months. she won't get too much bigger. >> even though only 15 eighth graders get to go, "we day" have entired all to act. >> who is gonna change the world this week? [ cheers ] >> because ready, set -- >> go! >> claudine wong, fox 2. >> of a two weeks of raising
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money they've reached the goal and surpassed t the catholic academy raised over $1300. with the money they were able to purchase 26 goats for needy families. a transformation from field to ice rink. we'll have more on that at 5:00. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news have a great day.
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